About Us

We are a passionate and experienced team of sales nerds and keen techies

The Company

In April 2014 Peter Schlecht started working on the project The SaaS Company, with the goal to help other businesses in sales. In July 2014 Florian Erlach joined as Co-Founder and they established the company. With Peter's knowledge and experience in sales and Florian's drive and expertise in finance, they created and optimized an automated and scalable sales engine. The team grew bigger as more partners joined. They continued to improve and automate their processes, helping businesses accelerate their sales.

When CTO Ben Projdakov joined in March 2016, the young company was able to accelerate the automation of the sales process, such as answering emails. This is how our Learning Intelligent Sales Agent LISA, based on AI, was created.

To make sales easier, we are now working on bringing LISA to other companies, while still offering our sales services to partners with great products.

What started as a small sized operation focusing on the German speaking region, has expanded to a proper sales engine with a reach to other countries in Europe, like Great Britain, the Nordics or the Benelux. Changing sales and making it easy for everyone.

The Team

The rest of the team consists of the sales and the product team. We come from all over the world. From near neighbors like Austria or Switzerland, far away places like South America, the USA, Asia and Africa, to even more exotic places like Bavaria. Almost every continent is represented. There is a lot to learn and a lot to do, but we are doing it together and we keep on improving.


We are fast growing, so we are also looking for new team members. If you are interested in joining a young team changing sales or building artificial intelligences, look at our vacant position under JOBS.